Take a stroll through my disturbed mind with me, get some scares if you please
this always scared the shit out of me eve though the rest of the movie wasn’t that scary 

Simon Marsden

Happy 16th Anniversary to #Scream2! This movie set the standards of what #horror #sequels should be, for me, when I was first getting into #scarymovies. The rules of a good #90s sequel are as follows: 1. The surviving cast must return.  2. There must be great self-referential dialogue.  3. A bangin’ 90s soundtrack is essential! So thank you Scream 2 for years and years of endless enjoyment! Here’s to many more!! #terrorverse #thriller #suspense #thisdayinhorror #troubleinwoodsboro (at The Terrorverse)

This really was one of the better horror movies I’ve seen, all of the movies were very good. Especially the first two 

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There sure are a lot of pictures like this with hands coming out of rooms going down hallways. They are still cool though 

Zoo Zombies

interesting to say the least lol
This has an artistic feel to it
This made me thing of Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies